留学・研修現地レポート Report from Overseas


Oct . 2018

Hello from Canada! I’m here in Kingston, Canada. I was surprised because a month has passed since I came here. Time passes fast. I don’t know what I should talk about first, but, anyway, it was good to choose Canada for my studies abroad. Canadian people are very friendly. I felt it when I arrived at Toronto airport for my transfer. I arrived there with no problems and I went to the immigration office directly to have a VISA issued, but when I arrived there, it was already crowded with many travelers. I had only 2 hours for my transfer, so I was worried about my flight time and actually I missed my flight to Kingston. I was so confused and I was full of anxious feelings, but some staff helped me. They were so kind and they explained things to me very carefully. Also, when I talked about what happened to other travelers, they said “Don’t worry, you’ll arrive in Kingston with no problems and welcome to Canada.” I was so relieved. Finally, I could meet my host family. My host family is a mother, a daughter and a sweet dog. I’m really enjoying living with them and they are teaching me a lot of things about Canada. We often have dinner with their friends and family (mother’s parents and brother). After we finish dinner, we play board games or watch a film. I’m so happy to live with them.

 My school life is also nice. I have met many friends and good teachers. I’m studying, while I’m having fun, sometimes I disappointed in my poor English skills. I like speaking English but telling my opinion is difficult. I can’t speak out all my opinions even when I have ideas. Also, I realized that my English vocabulary is limited. I disappointed but I could find my weakness and what should I study. A teacher said to us “Don’t be shy, just do it.” I felt encouraged from this sentence, so I want to share it with you and everyone. I have a lot of things to write but it’s time to finish.

 At last, I went to say again that it was good to choose Canada for my studies abroad. “Hello!” “How are you?” “Have a good day.” “Thank you” Many people greet me with these words and with their smiles. I can be happy every day thanks to that and I’m so happy to be here.

Thank you for reading my first report!

Have a good day, everyone.





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