留学・研修現地レポート Report from Overseas

The cold arrived already

Nov . 2018

Hi, everyone! The weather is getting colder and colder in Canada. The temperatures have dropped to minus 2 degrees in October. It was freezing, and I often complain about the weather with my friends, but I got used to this temperature and new environment.

There was a middle term test at the middle of October. On the speaking test, we debated about whether using phones should be prohibited in class. I was on the agreement side, and I could insist on my opinion because I don’t often use my phone and dictionary to search something in class. I can ask the teacher or classmate when I don’t know the meaning of a world. It’s better than using a device for me. Also, sometimes, my cell phone interferes with my study. What do you think? There weren’t opportunities to debate something in Japan, so at first, I thought it’s hard for me. But I liked debating and I got a high score on the speaking test. My teacher said I did very well, so I got confident speaking English more than before. On the vocabulary test, I need to indicate over 30 words. I surprised because I thought I had to write about meaning of the words, so it was a little bit hard for my poor vocabulary skill. It was okay to indicate drawing a picture. It’s interesting, isn’t it? The result was not bad, but I need to expand my vocabulary. This is one of my goals while I’m studying abroad. The vocabulary teacher gives homework every week and I need to write about my partner’s or my story. In the class, we talk about a topic and I write about that deeply, as much as I can. I think carefully about the reader when I write stories because I want them to imagine it. Also, if they couldn’t imagine my story, it means my explanation isn’t enough. Anyway, I like to do homework and think deeply even when it takes time.

There is a major essay assignment of this session. I haven’t decided on the topic yet, but I want to find a really good topic to complete my assignment perfectly. Also, this is my first time to write an essay in English. I’m going to introduce a little bit about my essay in the next report, so please look forward to it. I’m excited to start working on this essay assignment.

I’d like to talk about my nice friend. She is from Turkey and I always have lunch with her. We often talk about differences of culture or environment between Turkey, Canada and Japan. It’s so interesting, and I could see my country from abroad. I promised her to visit Turkey to visit her someday. I don’t know when it will come, but I’ll definitely go to see her because she is my special friend.

By the way, did you enjoy your Halloween? There was a Halloween party at school and I dressed up as witch We enjoyed dancing and taking pictures with awesome music. To be honest, I danced too much, so I had muscle pain the next day. Celebrating Halloween is very different in Japan. In japan, young people just enjoy a night of dressing up in their costume, but in Canada, when it’s around the Halloween, people decorate their house. They also make Jack o’ Lanterns by scooping out the inside of pumpkins. So, I enjoyed just walking outside around the season. I wish I could celebrate Halloween again in Canada. Halloween is over, but Christmas is coming. Christmas is my favorite season of the year. Oh, I’m already excited.

I went hiking with my host family and their friends. We were surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature and it was very pretty. I love Japanese nature, but I love Canadian nature, too.

As I said on the last report, I really think that I’m happy to be here!

Thank you for reading my second report!

Have a good day, everyone!






ところで、ハロウィーンは楽しかったですか?私は学校でパーティーがあったので、魔女にドレスアップして参加しました。私たちは最高な音楽と共にダンスや、写真をとって楽しみました。正直にいうと、盛り上がって踊りすぎたので次の日筋肉痛になってしまいました。ハロウィーンの祝い方は日本とかなり違います。日本では若者がドレスアップして、当日の夜を楽しむというイメージですが、カナダではハロウィーンの季節が近づくと多くの人が自分の家を飾り付けします。そしてカボチャの中を掘ってJack O’ Lanterns