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Im very happy to come to Canada and to meet people here.
Feb . 2012
Im surprised now, because its almost the middle of March! Time is going fast. My Canadian life has just 1 month remaining. These days, Canadas weather is like spring, because the temperature is warm. Its very comfortable for me. However, Im shocked a little bit because I had expected lots of snow, and I wanted to play with snow but I couldnt. On the other hand, I have a new home mate, who is from Japan and came to Canada for 1 month to learn English and a different culture. Of course, I always talk with her in English, and sometimes were confused because English expressions are very difficult, but its good for us.

In February, I made many plans which included going to Ottawa and New York City, skiing and cerebrating with friends. Those times were awesome, and I was impressed with everything. In NYC, I went to lots of famous places which included the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square. It was a dream come true.

This week, I received my mid-term score but Im not satisfied with it. In addition, my teacher told me that my reading and speaking (pronunciation) skills are good, but I should focus on grammar. When I listened to my teachers opinion, I was surprised, because so far our classes have focused a lot on grammar and I thought I needed to improve my reading skills. Actually, she told me she isnt worried about me. She is confident that my grammar skills will improve over the next 6 weeks. To be honest, Im anxious about whether or not my English will improve but I have to try to do my best to study more within the next 6 weeks.

Recently, I have noticed that compared to six months ago when I arrived in Canada, I have more confidence in speaking English, even in front of a lot of people. For me, it really has improved and thats an important thing.
I often think about when I return to Japan. I definitely will miss Canada, University life, home stay family and my new friends. Im very happy to have come to Canada and to have met people here. I want to enjoy my Canadian life with host family and friends in the time that I have remaining.
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