留学・研修現地レポートReport from Overseas


Mar . 2018


 Finally, this is the last monthly report in Cebu! It also means that I have just one month until the last day in Cebu… At first, I felt that 6 months was too long, but actually it was quite fast. Through my 6 months(in fact, it’s not yet.) studying abroad, I have met many people and experienced a lot of things including bad things. Honestly speaking, I assume that I’ve experienced many bad things than good things. Of course, I understand that everything doesn’t go well, however there are so many hardships than I imagined… In the meanwhile, I'm sure that I could make striking progresses by getting over these difficulties. Recently, I feel somewhat impatience because my graduation is coming. Well, it can't be helped. All I have to do is that I concentrate on studying English as possible during the left time.

 By the way, in these days, I'm busy in buying souvenirs for my precious people! Filipinos really love sweets. So there are so many snacks and sweets… It's confusing me but I'll buy my fatorite for them! I like Philippine cuisine though school's meals aren't suited for me.Although it sounds innovative,  It's quite useful for me to appreciate the food in order to comprehend the national characteristic. What's the ingredient? What's the characteristic of this spice? There are many useful standards! It' exactly interesting for me! Moreover, it's also great to share the impression with my teachers and friends. It's one of my fruits of studying abroad.

 In UV, nowadays I'm struggling with final examinations. I have to act and dance in front of a lot of people! These activities are really hard for me ( because  I'm not familiar with them…), but I'll keep it up with my amicable classmates!

 In QQE, I'm irritated with my 5th progress test score! I felt that the result of progress test didn't reflect my

efforts though I did do my best continually… I think that it's one of themes assigned which I have to conquest until the last day of studying abroad. I desire to overcome this weak point that my English skill is affected by my condition.

For better or worse, it's my last month of studying abroad! I hate the word "chagrin". Hence I'll just strive, wait and pray.


※The first picture was taken when I went to the UV. Although I use this road every time, I feel that it's the real of the Philippines. The road is not flat. There are lots of unpaved streets. Through seeing and experiencing this environment, I can also learn about the issues about the Philippines. As I stated above, I've gone through some conflicts with staffs, teachers, and classmates (it's not so serious, but there are.) precisely. While, I realize that I could ameliorate myself. I'm sure that I'm much more competent than before. Therefore, I believe that these hardships aren't waste of time. On the contrary, these are my energy!

The second picture was taken when my sweet Taiwanese roommate went back to her country. She is the most close friend so the parting was really wrenching… However, I believe that we can meet again someday.