留学・研修現地レポートReport from Overseas


Jan . 2018


 I’m spending good Christmas(and New Year) holidays after taking prelim examination at UV. (But I have many lessons at QQE…so my day off is only weekend. Well, it’s good for me because I’m little lazy!) Reverting to the subject, this one month of UV including prelim examination was very stimulative for me. I took three types of examination. First one is essay, which I’m familiar with. Therefore it’s easy for me to write it. (But the contents was little difficult…Broadly speaking, it’s about Humanity, aesthetics and art. So I had to research information, harmonize opinions and state it in brief.) Second one is coffee painting, which I experienced for the first time. Although I know the name, it was more difficult than I imagined. In addition, I had to interpret my work in front of my classmate. Though I train my presentation skills always, I was sometimes driven into a corner. I’m vexed when I’m painfully aware of my limited vocabulary. Third one is making original radio program. It was difficult because I seldom listen to English radio. I don’t know how I should start and finish the program, but I figured out a good way to give much better presentation. In the examinations, I listened to all presentations and I was impressed. I take one on one lesson mainly in QQE so hanging on my classmates’words is effective for disciplining my English skill. Moreover, I hope that I’ll be able to speak English fluently such as them. I’ll keep it up!

 Regarding the aspect of daily life, the temperature has been dropping lately because of the typhoon. I don’t feel any damage in Cebu city, on the other hand, I hear that there is serious damage especially in south part of the Philippines. I wish that these regions will rebuild after the latest typhoons earlier.

 Apart from the topic of typhoons, I could met my new roommate! She is Taiwanese. I got the roommate who has the other nationality for the first time. There are many differences and it may take long time to understand each other. However, I would like to know her well and communicate with her more.


*The first picture is that I took in the group lesson with my Taiwanese classmate and teacher. In the group lessons, we can discuss a lot of themes. I especially enjoyed discussing the differences among the countries because I can hear some interesting story about the country.

 The second one is taken in Moalboal which has beautiful sea! It takes 3 hours to go there from Cebu city. It was little tiring, but it was nice trip.