留学・研修現地レポートReport from Overseas


Dec . 2017


 The lessons at the Visayas University started! At first, I was very nervous but I have become to be able to enjoy the class with my cheerful classmates. Because they are more pleasant and considerate than what I imagined. They have lots of interests in Japanese culture such as Japanese animations, Japanese games, Japanese cartoons, Japanese traditional things(fireworks festival, cherry blossoms, Kimono...) etc. Although they ask me a lot of questions, I sometimes can’t explain my culture to them well. It’s very annoying me because I feel that my knowledge is limited and my communication skill in English is low. I have become conscious of similar feeling since I came here so I know that I should only study, study and study so as to dispel these torments. Therefore I’ll keep to make efforts without giving up in order to conquer my weakness even if there are many ordeals.

 Furthermore, I have realized that I’m in the Philippines which is one of the developing countries in the world now. The reason why I’ve thought is that I’ve seen many street children who are begging in the road which is a lot of traffic. It doesn’t mean that I despise the Philippines. I think that the environment should be improved because it’s better to go to school than to beg in dangerous street for children surely. Though there are few things to help them, I would like to start knowing the problem well.


*The first picture is that I took with my teacher of 10F. QQE has classrooms on 7&10F, where I take lessons. Especially, there is a café on the 10F ,where we can buy some light meals. It has a different atmosphere from 7F’s one and we can talk with other students in English lightheartedly because of the good atmosphere. Then, the second picture is that I took when I went to the Bohol island. Usually, I have a lot of UV’s homework and I have to finish using all weekends… but, I got free time so I visited Bohol alone! I got up at 4AM, got on the first board(at 5AM!), hired a van and went around Bohol island, which became a good experience for me.  Because, I did all the things by myself(buying tickets, haggling the fee of hiring a van and trying some activity)! Incidentally, the most exciting memory is the Zipline! I recommend that extreme activity strongly.