留学・研修現地レポート Report from Overseas

The end of my studying abroad  

Jul . 2018

 This is the final report in my studying abroad. In Sydney, Australia, it’s totally in winter season so it’s the lowest temperature in June. There is no snowing here, but we can easily feel like staying in Australia because the differences between in summer and in winter are mostly 40℃.

  In June, the final semester which was the course of Listening & Speaking(L&S) were more focused on speaking in English and listening to what our classmates say each other rather than on writing and reading English daily. The relationship between classmates and teachers was closed due to the four-week course and only six people in our class which was small. Therefore, we just laughed at anything we talked about every single day!!! At the beginning of my studying abroad, an English presentation that I really didn’t want to do was one of my weak points, and also, I just memorized all my draft of the presentation. However, at the end of the course, I already tried not to remember it but to understand what I want to tell the audiences. Finally, I kept talking about my presentation in my words that I understood by myself without looking at the draft for approximately 20min. That was full of my satisfaction. In terms of watching the previous presentation, which happened 9 months ago, it couldn’t be finished because it made me get embarrassed due to the lack of pronunciation skills and nervousness, in addition, I kept looking at my draft again and again…  It could be proved that everything we don’t want to do can be changed in order to take a long time and try to do by ourselves.

 In the middle of June, there were 3 hard assessments such as presentation, oral summary and discussion, so I was about to cry because of them during this period, yet, I’ve done all of them. At the end of the course, there were also an interview, lecture listening and my real graduation day. All the course that I had in this studying abroad including L&S course had passed. Our graduation day had been held in the different campus from usual. I had to tell my appreciation to many teachers because I’ve been in many kinds of class at the college. Many people who kindly supported me told me that you did well, so I had no regret there. Additionally, each teacher said you can come back to Sydney whenever you will be a worker or for traveling as well.

 After graduating from the college, I’m spending my final two-week holiday in Australia until leaving here. My friends and I are having fun and hanging out to make unforgettable memories. By the way, my lovely classmates in the last course held the farewell dinner for me. We have been friends for almost 10 months since I came here while they already graduated from the college six months ago and they are in the diploma or bachelor’s degree. Despite they are busy, fortunately, they gathered together on that day and we still have so good friendship. It is really nice to see everybody who is my friend and I’m filled with much happiness with them. We’ve promised to meet in Japan.

 As can be seen from the ten-month studying abroad, it was not so long way to spend time here but so fulfilling life. Somehow, the speed of the time that I felt in Australia was much faster than in Japan. When I turn back my unforgettable memories repeatedly, there are always many precious friends, and also, I’m able to proud of myself for being here as one of an exchange student. No matter what I say, many people all over the world can be together in English which is one of the common universal languages. The experiences that I had here wouldn’t exist until I can go abroad and unless I’m in Japan.

 At the beginning of my studying abroad, there were only three Japanese students in my class. As my level goes up, I was the only person who comes from Japan. At the same time, it usually happened to me that I didn’t use Japanese unless I had a phone call. So, what I can tell those who decided to study overseas from now on is that we can easily make our confidence strong. Even though anyone has no confidence in their English knowledge, it is depending on where we put ourselves. If we have any difficulties, we could have many experiences that we can’t do in Japan and grow up ourselves. I’m supposed to get higher in the future!!!

 The day that I go back to Japan is gradually closing, it could be imagined that I might be crying at the airport. I’m going to have so much fun for the rest of my time in Australia. And I’m looking forward to meeting my family and friends in Japan!!!



 6月中旬には、1週間に3つのpresentation, oral summary, discussionといった重いタスクが詰まっていて泣きそうになりながらも無事に終え、最終週にはinterviewとlecture listeningのテスト、そしてあっという間に4週間が終わりました。このL&Sクラスを含め全てのコースに合格し、本当の卒業式を迎えました。卒業式は大学の別キャンパスでありました。5つの違うコースをこの大学で経験した私は、色んな先生にお世話になったので、それぞれの先生たちに挨拶に回りました。私の最初のころを知っている先生から大学のスタッフをされてる事務の方まで、たくさんのお褒めの言葉をもらって、本当に嬉しい限りでした。そしてどの先生も口をそろえて、社会人としてでも旅行でもいいからまたいつでもシドニーに戻っておいでって言っていただけました。