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Two months have passed since I came here
Nov . 2015
It has been about two months since I came here. Time passes quickly. This time, I try to write this report in English to improve my writing skill.

I learn English in QQEnglish five times a week because semester break started. Im lucky that Ive had good teachers and friends. All the lessons are quite fun. I study English in QQEnglish till late after school. The other day, I decided to join in Public Speech which will be held on the twenty-fourth of November. Ill give a speech on the theme, THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ON ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE. This topic is too difficult for me to memorize. Moreover, it is hard for me to give a speech emotionally, however I think this is a good opportunity for me to improve my speaking skill, thats why Ill do my best!

On the thirty of October, Halloween Party was held in QQEnglish. Most of the teachers were dressed in Halloween costume. I got my teacher to paint on my face. I had an amazing time playing games and taking photos with my teachers and friends.
The next day, I went to the Cebu City provincial jail to watch a prison dance. It was the first time for me to watch a live performance. I was deeply affected by the dance.
Fortunately, I could took photos with prisoners. It became an unforgettable memory for me.

Second semester is finally really going to start tomorrow. At the end of the first semester, my classmates and teacher of the first period held a farewell party for us. They also gave us a wonderful gift. It was hard to part from my classmates because they were very kind to us. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I can choose the subjects which Ill take in the next semester, so I want to choose Journalism principles and practices. This course is designed to introduce news writing and reporting, skills vital to success in most areas of journalism and mass communication, thats why I really excited to take it. In addition to that, Im looking forward to making new friends.

Ill try to take the TOEIC exams in December. This is one of my goals in my studying abroad. Recently I realize that its easier said than done. I think that the most important thing in studying abroad is to try everything I want to do without being afraid of failures.

Anyway, Id like to live a full life in three months.
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