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I really feel its precious for me to meet new friends.
Jan . 2013
Now, we are having one cold day after another. A few weeks ago, Kingston was minus 23 degrees. My bangs, eyelashes and nose hair were frozen. Of course I had never experienced such a crazy weather before I came here, I really like it though. Thanks to this weather, I can experience many winter activities.

It has passed for a month since winter session starts. Im in a 130 class which has grammar, listening, spoken and discussion classes. Compared with last session, almost all homework became difficult even though classes are not so difficult. It means we need to study ourselves to improve our skills in this session, I think. Im reading and summarizing an article of newspapers every week. Actually I dont hate reading something but sadly, Im not good at understanding so it takes long times to understand articles. For sure its hard for me but I hope my reading skill will be improved as well.

In lab class, Im learning pronunciations which are not difficult for me because Ive already learned it in Japan. But actually, I havent spoken English such a clearly yet, trying speak clearly though.

In spoken class, I investigate some topics by asking Queens University students. I really like such an investigation because I can talk to many students not only QSOE students but also Queen's University students. Im also learning real conversation. Last session I used to listen to English which was spoken by native speaker; but now, I often listen to English which is spoken by many countries. It means I can know each accent, kinds of dialect and so on. Its important for me to know about these things because English is spoken by many people which are not only native but Asian, South African and so on.

Lately, I have been hanging out with native friends. Its very helpful for me even though hard to understand everything. I can learn many things which cant learn in school. Furthermore, some of my native friends are interested in Japan so I also can teach Japanese for them. When I went to a home party, I met a man who used to work at ASAHI Newspaper Company in Japan. I was really surprised because as you know, Kingston is very small town so I didnt expect such a nice encounter. In addition I could know I can work with foreigner by using English even Im in Japan. I really feel its precious for me to meet new friends. They always encourage me so I want to inspire them as well.
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